sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2016

Vidéo Capitale 2016

Alô Alô Besançon,

Deux de mes vidéos "Distúrbio no Vazio" (2009) et "Movimento nº35 em Ré Menor, meu pé, meu sapato e o asfalto" (2008) ceci fait avec ma chérie Paloma Oliveira seront projetés dans le festival "Vidéo Capitale". 

Two of my videos "Distúrbio no Vazio" (2009) and "Movimento nº35 em Ré Menor, meu pé, meu sapato e o asfalto" (2008) this one made with my chérie Paloma Oliveira will be screened in the festival "Vidéo Capitale".

"Vidéo Capitale is a contemporary art event showcasing artist’s videos and short sets for a diverse audience. Every night at 5 p.m., village shop windows become filled with life from the full screen films being shown inside and that is visible to pedestrians in the street. The town and location are essential to a sublime and entertaining viewing experience in which tributary worldviews circle the art of life. The programming, purposefully left open, is composed of different genres and influences in conjunction with architecture, dance, documentaries and visual arts. The videos were made by young creators as well as recognized artists, all engaged in art" ."