quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2016

Co2 and other toxins - Premiere

Pré estreamos!

Nasceu publicamente nosso trabalho coreográfico "Co2 and other toxins" no
tanz.tausch - festival de dança e performance de Colônia, Alemanha.

Copyright 2016 ©MEYER ORIGINALS

Copyright 2016 ©MEYER ORIGINALS

Thank you Bianca Mendonca and Katharina Geyer for this beautiful and inspiring creation.
Thanks Carla Jordao and Sonia Mota for your eyes and energy.
Thanks Sebastian Mez and Sebastian Obbink for the documentation.
Thanks Alessandro De MATTEIS for the inspiring pictures.
Thanks Tanzfaktur, ZAIK, tanz.tausch and Mechtild Tellmann for the support.
"Co2 and other toxins" had an amazing premiere!
2017, here we go!